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Remote access


How to access the library e-resources

WAYF (Where Are You From) is the link between your University College Copenhagen login and the library resources, which would otherwise only be accessible from the University College Copenhagen network.

With WAYF you only have to log in at your institution in order to get access to services such as e-journals, e-books, databases etc.

When you are outside the University College Copenhagen network and accessing an e-resource from the library website, you will automatically be taken to WAYF.

How to log in - former UCC

  • Choose University College UCC as institution.
  • Username: Your student number - OBS: Not your mail-adress!. For employees it's your initials.
  • Password: Identical to your password for the UC network.

How to log in - former Metropolitan

  • Choose Metropolitan UC as institution.
  • Username: Your e-mail adress.
  • Password: Identical to your password for the UC network.


How to find e-books

Find the ebooks in the database: EbookCentral



Finding your book or subject you can choose: “Read online” or “pdf chapter download

We have one copy of the book. Using it this way maximizes the use of that one copy. The number of pages to download or print will reload quickly.

The sign in function in the database enables you to save books on your bookshelf and make bookmarks etc.